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Latest Dive Reviews

Jun 8, 2024 - Combined Clubs Weekend - Bicheno

"A fantastic weekend, with great weather for the three days. A huge thank you to the Uni Dive Club for once again running this event so well.
Also thanks to all the sponsors especially Go
Dive. The club catered for 35 divers using two boats. Thanks again to Mark Kolodziej for the use of his boat and time. Most sites throughout the marine park were dived with the favourite for most divers being the Canyon and Castle area. The visibility continued to improve as the weekend progressed with a possible 20 meters on Monday. It is great to see so much participation from people from other clubs joining with us to make this such a wonderful weekend."
By Bob

Who Dived it?
Martyn Crawford Liam Tilley MMK Bob van der Velde Jason Orr Jason Hoare James Craig Harris