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Latest Dive Reviews

Mar 23, 2013 - Isle de Phoque

"March 23, 2013 Isle de Phoque

I met the group that had travelled up from Sorrel at Saltworks and after placement of equipment the boat was launched and six divers were on their way. The water conditions were near perfect and made for an easy trip across to the island. The group was spit into two and the first dive for the day was the swim through. We entered the water and the visibility to start with was around eight meters. We set a leisurely pace and had a good look about. On exiting the swim through the visibility improved to around twelve meters. We were treated to schools of Butterfly Perch, the odd Cray Fish, juvenile Boar fish, Blue Throat Wrasse and numerous other species. After the second group had completed their dive in the swim through we shifted a short distance to where a large group of seals were milling around in the water. Three divers dropped straight to the bottom and were entertained by perhaps one hundred seals. For forty five minutes two divers just sat on the bottom and were amazed by the exploits of these amazing creatures. At one stage I was trying to reposition the camera and was having difficulty then discovered a seal hanging onto a strobe. On several occasions the person diving with me had his head or hand in a seal's mouth or having a tug of war on a piece of bull kelp as some of the photos of this trip will testify. All in all this would rate as one of the best dive experiences I have encountered and i thank those that joined in on the day."
By Bob The Builder

Who Dived it?
Jimmy Bob van der velde Karen Andrew Ashbabe Silvion