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Dive Site - The Houndstooth - Bruny Island

"The Houndstooth, Bruny Island. Drop in directly off the point separated from the island by a narrow gulch. Head straight out to find a shelf at about 25m which follows the point curving south and then back in towards the gulch. Look beyond the shelf !! Keep heading east and drop to around 35m THEN follow the curve wide and around at 30 - 35m for an incredible sponge garden and huge rock buttresses covered in stunning zooanthids. The gulch makes a beautiful stop so head into it and back around to the point. With max non-deco time at 33m we still got a 45min dive by gently paddling around at 5m back to the boat. Minimal swell is required to hang around in the gulch but the deeper water may not be too affected by surge or current in a slightly larger sea. Nitrox would be well worth it as there is so much to take in at 30m+. This is at least as good if not better than Bicheno for scenery!"

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