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Latest Dive Reviews

Jan 8, 2017 - Fortescue Bay

"The first club dive of 2017 got off to an excellent start with two pleasant dives in the bay, with a great bunch of fellow club members.
The day was blustery, with 20kn NNE blowing along the peninsula, so we decided not to venture outside Fortesque Bay. We started with a dive on the outermost point on the northern shore that was not in the surf. Wayne and I dived first, and dropped into 24m of water, onto a pleasant sand and rock bottom. We worked our way inshore, and shallower, looking at a good array of corals amongst the boulders. Fish life was good. Wayne even saw a Weedy Seadragon.
After the others had dived this spot we moved to the area of cliff leading into Canoe Bay for our second dive. Wayne and I dropped in amongst another bouldery bottom, but lots of thick weed down to 15m depth took some of the enjoyment out of the site. Benita dived closer to the bay entrance and was rewarded with two Weedy's to photograph.
James and Greg reported a pleasant dive in the same are that Wayne and I dived.
The wind had backed to the SW, through the east, by then, so we had interesting conditions out on the water for the day.
No crays were caught by the hunter/gatherers in our party, unfortunately.
By Janine McKinnon

Who Dived it?
janine Wayne Murray Greg Cocks James